IRDAI is initiating the process of submission of Office Filing applications through BAP Health Module for Standalone Health Insurance Companies. The feedback received during the User Acceptance Testing (UAT) from the Standalone Health Insurance companies has been incorporated in the Health Office Filing module.

Standalone Health Insurers are required to access the website http/ The Administrator User-Id and Password were made available to the Principal Officers/Compliance officers in separate e-mails. The profiles of the other Users (sub id) have to be created by the Administrator.

Standalone Health Insurers shall file all applications for Office Filing, in respect of Opening of New Offices/Relocation of Offices/Closure of Offices, online in BAP, from 01.06.2015 through Health Office Filing module.

The requirement of the prior approval of the Authority for opening the places of business, the norms to be complied while relocating, closing various places of business shall be in accordance to IRDA (Places of Business) Regulations, 2013 as modified from time to time.

For approval, the Standalone Health Insurer will have to submit proposals through form PB 1(new office link on office filing home page).

I. The updated version of user manual which would facilitate insurers in filing of office application is made available in the Home Page of Health Office Filing Module of BAP for perusal of all concerned. The version would be updated from time to time and shall be made available to users.
Please note that the User Manual is intended to guide the insurers while complying with IRDA(Places of Business) Regulations, 2013 and that every Standalone Health Insurer shall comply with IRDA (Places of Business) Regulations, 2013 as modified from time to time.
lI. The helpline system is made available in the BAP module and the queries will be attended by the team on priority basis. Insurers may also escalate the issues at the following:
Issues Can be escalated to* Contact No.
Technical Issues [email protected] 040 2338 1111
Form Related Issues Mr. D. V. S. Ramesh, DD Health Dept. [email protected] 040 2338 1263
* Please note that queries have to be routed through Helpline in the Module. If not resolved within a reasonable time, escalations can be made to these IDs/contact numbers.
III. Class 2 and Class 3 digital signatures of the Authorized signatories shall be accepted by the Module. Insurers are required to obtain Digital Signatures from Authorized Vendors (i.e. E-Mudra, Sify, etc).

However, the present method of Manual filing of Office Filings will be continued for a period up to max. 30.09.2015 till the BAP – Office Filing module is fully established.

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