Tax Litigation Support Services

As we have mentioned elsewhere in our website, the Indian tax laws are very difficult to comprehend and many Companies feel the need for expert assistance, in terms of handling litigation related matters.

We offer our services in respect of handling litigation related matters, in respect of central indirect taxes such as GST, service tax, central excise duty and customs, State indirect taxes such as VAT, entry tax,  luxury tax, etc., and the direct taxes such as income tax.

Some of  the Areas Which We Can Handle, For Our Clients are :

  • Handling audits, investigations, scrutiny, etc, from the Central and Stage Governments
  • Drafting replies to audit notices, show cause notices and other notices received from the Revenue Departments of the Central and State Governments in matters related to GST, service tax, central excise, customs, VAT and entry tax, apart from income tax.
  • Handling adjudication proceedings including appearing before the adjudicating authorities
  • Drafting of appeals before the appellate authorities

Appearing for personal hearings before the appellate authorities, up to the level of the High Court

  • Advising customers on tax savings through appropriate strategies.
  • Advising customers on the most appropriate approach in terms of litigation related issues.

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