Accounting Services in Bangalore, Outsource Cloud Based Accounting Service

 Outsource Accounting Services in Bangalore – Clod Based Accounting

S3 provides cloud based accounting services to its small and medium sized clients, many of whom, are Indian Subsidiaries of MNCs. We maintain book-keeping and accounting activities on the online version of the QuickBooks accounting package, which can be accessed by any authorized member of our client’s team, from anywhere in the world.

Due to our using the online version of QuickBooks package, it becomes very easy for our client to access the accounting database, on a real time basis. This is a typical cloud based accounting service that we offer to our clients, based on QuickBooks accountingpackage.

This cloud accounting package is found to be extremely useful by start-up companies, small companies and medium companies or enterprises and especially, for companies that are operating on a small scale or medium scale basis, in India.

By using cloud based accounting, the owner and senior executives of our clients will be able to access their accounting data, any time, any where, on a real time basis. Cloud based accounting is also real time accounting.

What is Cloud based Accounting?

Cloud computing makes you run your company’s entire IT operations with an internet connection and a browser. The concept of cloud computing helps you run your company’s  IT applications on the internet without having to actually invest in them by buying, installing and running these expensive servers. The operating systems, applications and other programs are hosted on the cloud and remain out of sight and the cloud is managed by the cloud vendor for you.

So similarly, the cloud based accounting software is the software that is hosted on these remote servers and runs on them, instead of being installed and run from your Desktop. So, to run your day to day accounting programs, you access your web browser and the internet. The main advantage of using cloud based accounting solutions is that your business data stays secure on the servers, and you can be able to access it anytime from anywhere, if you are connected to the internet. So, in a way cloud accounting software frees the user to from having to install and maintain complicated applications and programs on their personal desktop and several other computers in the company. The hard drive of your desktop is not the central hub anymore; rather business financials are accessed from any device by connecting to the internet. Accounting applications on cloud is also called “Online Accounting or Web Accounting”. Cloud based accounting services are best suited for small business who cannot afford huge infrastructure and expensive IT applications.

Benefits of moving to the cloud

Cloud based accounting services provide huge benefits to the business and end users too

  • There is no initial expenditure on the IT setup or infrastructure, but a monthly fee is paid to the Cloud Vendor who maintains your applications.
  • You have access to the data from anywhere through any device, which provides for enhanced business agility and great convenience.
  • There are no cumbersome upgrades that have to be done to the software being used, as it is always done by the Vendor who is taking care of your hosting and maintenance and you always access the latest and upgraded version of the software.
  • The Cloud based accounting services also ensure you unlimited data storage on the cloud as the data is not stored on hard disks or internal networks.
  • The security levels that are provided by the Cloud based accounting service providers is any day higher and more up to date compared to the security features provided on the desktop. Data is stored in an encrypted format and most secure on the cloud. It is also ensured that there is no loss of data if there is any hardware or software malfunctioning.

Bookkeeping and Accounting are some of the cloud based accounting services offered by S3 Solutions, who are one of the leading Cloud based accounting companies in Bangalore. They offer these services to the MNC Indian Subsidiaries and some medium and small sized clients.

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