Compliance Audit Services

We offer Compliance Audit services to all types of Companies in the Manufacturing, IT, Real Estate and Services Sectors.

As part of Compliance Audit, we undertake a complete review of all tax and statutory compliance related to income tax, indirect taxes such as GST, central excise, customs, service tax and VAT, profession tax, entry tax and other applicable levies and taxes and provides a comprehensive report to the clients on the status of the compliance and suggests the corrective action.

Apart from compliance with the substantive law, we also look at the procedural aspects including filing of the periodical returns, assessments, re-assessments, audits from the Departments, appeals, etc. We also look into the availment of and utilization of the cenvat and input tax credits by the Clients.

Apart from pointing out the non-compliance, we also provide solutions aimed at minimizing the risks arising out of non-compliance. The Client could immensely benefit out of this study… he could change his systems, if there is non-compliance and could  re-assure himself that his systems are working well, if there are no major non-compliances.

Apart from ensuring compliance, corporates can also avail of the benefits and advantages that  are available under the various schemes of the Central and State Governments and its agencies

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