CIRCULAR DBR.AML.NO.6912/14.06.001/2015-16, DATED 20-11-2015

IMPLEMENTATION OF UNSCR 2140 (2014) AND 2216 (2015)

CIRCULAR DBR.AML.NO.6912/14.06.001/2015-16DATED 20-11-2015

Please find enclosed* a copy of the ‘Order’ issued by Ministry of External Affairs dated September 21, 2015 published in the Gazette of India on implementation of United Nations Security Council Resolution 2140 (2015) and 2216 (2015) on Yemen as received from Government of India.

2. Regulated Entities (REs) may take note of the gazette notification and the list of individuals/entities as established and maintained by committee pertaining to UNSC Resolution 2140 and 2216 (2015) given in the schedule of the gazette notification and ensure compliance with the above notification issued by the Government of India

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