New income tax e-filing portal to be launched from June 7, existing portal will be unavailable from June 1-6 : 20-05-2021

The income tax department will launch a new e-filing portal on June 7, the directorate of income tax systems said in a notice to all field units, adding that services on the portal will not be available from June 1 till June 6.

The portal will not be available for taxpayers as well as department officers and therefore officers have been directed not to fix any compliance dates during the six day period.

“In preparation for the transition to the new system, the existing e-filing portal will not be available to both taxpayers as well as department officers for a period of six days from June 1 to June 6,” the notice said.

Officers have also been asked to schedule hearings or compliances after June 10, so as to give taxpayers time to adjust to the new portal. Pre-scheduled hearings will be preponed or postponed to after June 10.

“It is clarified that ITBA and CPC system will continue to function for assessment related functions. All orders, notices issued during the period will be visible to taxpayers after the new portal goes live on June 7,” the notice said.

While taxpayers use the e-filing portal to file income tax returns and view other details, officers of the tax department including assessing officers, chief income tax officers for appeal and principal commissioner income tax interact with taxpayers .via e-proceedings through the portal.

Officers also use the portal for issuing of notices, show cause notices and getting response to various e-proceedings. issuing questionnaires, summons, letters, responding to outstanding tax demand and even communicating final orders in assessment, appeals, exemption and penalties.

Source : Financial Express

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