Lok Sabha passes Appropriation Bill : 17-03-2020

The Lok Sabha on Monday passed the Appropriation Bill 2020-21, authorising the government to draw funds from the Consolidated Fund of India for its working as well as implementation of its programmes and schemes.

The house passed the bill after the Speaker applied ‘guillotine’ on demands of grants for various ministries.

With parliament having very limited time for scrutinising the expenditure demands of all the ministries, after a pre-decided period of discussions over spending envisaged in the budget for some ministries is over, a guillotine is applied

Once the speaker applies the guillotine, all the outstanding demands for grants, whether discussed or not, are put to vote at once. After this, appropriation bill is taken into consideration.

The Lok Sabha will now discuss the Finance Bill, which essentially contains the government’s tax proposals.

Source : Times of India

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