How to check ITR-V receipt status : 22-08-2019

The last step in the income tax return (ITR) filing process is the verification. There are six ways to verify ITR, out of which five are electronic and one one is physical. 

You can verify your ITR either electronically, using one-time password (OTP), electronic verification code (EVC), or physically(offline) by sending a signed copy of ITR-V to the Income Tax Department – CPC, Post Box No-1, Electronic City Post Office, Bengaluru- 560100, Karnataka, India. 

If you have chosen to verify your income tax return by sending ITR-V copy to CPC Bengaluru, then it is important that your tax return is verified in 120 days of filing it, as per income tax laws. 

Abhishek Soni, CEO,, a tax return-filing company says, “After you have uploaded your ITR on the e-filing website of the tax department, it is important to remember that you have to verify it as well. An unverified ITR will not be considered valid and taken up for processing by the department. If you fail to verify your ITR within 120 days, it will be considered that you have never filed your ITR.” 

If you have opted to verify your tax returns by sending ITR-V, then you can follow these steps to check the status of its receipt: 


4. Once these details are entered, the website will show you the current status of your ITR-V. 

You should keep checking the status of your ITR-V to ensure that it has reached CPC, Bangalore within 120 days from the date of uploading your ITR on the e-filing website. 

Once your ITR-V is received by the income tax department, they will send you an email or SMS confirming the same and will start processing your ITR. Intimation of processing of your ITR will be sent later. 

If you still haven’t sent your ITR-V to the CPC, Bengaluru, ensure that you have follow these dos and don’ts. 

1. The ITR-V must be sent via either ordinary post or speed post only. 
2. Ensure that print-out of ITR-V is printed in black ink and is clear. 
3. ITR-V to be sent to the CPC, Bengaluru must be signed in original and preferably in blue ink. 
4. Bar code and numbers below it should be clearly visible. 
5. There is no limit on the number of the ITR-Vs that can be sent in one envelope. 
6. The print of ITR V should be on A4 size paper only. 
7. Sign on ITR V should match with you .. 

1. ITR-V sent via courier will not be accepted. 
2. ITR-V is a one-page document. One should not write anything on the back of it. 
3. While sending ITR-V, avoid folding it to ensure that bar code is not tampered with in the process. 
4. If you are sending multiple ITR-Vs, whether original or revised, make sure to print each of them on separate page. 
5. You are not required to send any other document/s along with ITR-V. 

Source : PTI

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