Gadkari proposes an e-commerce platform for MSMEs : 28-06-2019

The government is considering a proposal to set up an e-commerce platform for Micro, small and Medium enterprises (MSMEs) to be marketed across the world, Nitin Garkari said. 

He said that people from across the world should be able to reach the micro and small entrepreneurs of the country through the platform. He said that his ministry has already started working towards a vision for the MSME sector. 

“For the marketing purpose, I have already suggested to my department that we need a platform like Alibaba or Amazon where MSMEs are there and anyone in the world can access that and see what products they are offering,” Gadkari said while addressing the International SME convention here on Thursday. 

He added the the vision of India becoming a $5 trillion economy can be fulfilled only with the help of MSME sector. 

Small and medium enterprises will contribute around 50% to the country’s GDP over the next five years as against 29% at present, Gadkari added. 

“We are a rich country, but a poor population. Skilled manpower, appropriate policy will help us achieve the goal of $5 trillion economy,” said Gadkari, who recently took charge of the MSME ministry. 

He said that MSMEs are the backbone of the economy and have huge potential for employment generation in the country. 

Gadkari said that the employment in the MSME sector is also set to increase to 15 crores from around 11 crores at present. 

Source : PTI

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