Finmin asks all departments to conduct review of govt guarantees; submit details by Apr 30 : 23-04-2019

The Finance Ministry has asked all departments to undertake a review of government guarantees given by respective ministries to their CPSEs or entities.

The review should undertake aspects like the discharge of repayment obligations or interest obligations as per terms of the loan agreement and covenants and conditions met, the FinanceNSE 1.13 % Ministry said in an office memorandum.

Besides, the details of CPSEs or entities due guarantee fee paid on time to the government should also be submitted.

Guarantees are contingent liabilities have the potential to impact the financial performance of the government.

In another circular, the ministry said FRBM Rules stipulates that government cannot guarantee more than 0.5 per cent of the GDP of the respective financial year to CPSE/entities.

All ministries and departments are requested that prioritised guarantee requirement for 2019-20 may be worked out to include only such proposals where the loan agreement can be signed and guarantee agreement can be executed during the year.

The guarantees already approved by the Budget Division of Department of Economic Affairs, Finance Ministry but not executed till March 31, 2019, needs to be revalidated and such proposals may also be included on the total guarantee requirement of 2019-20 .

The information should be sent by April 30, it said.

Source : Economic Times


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