‘Does Congress have a blueprint for alternate GST’ : 25-03-2019

Pan India traders’ body, Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT), on Sunday strongly criticised Congress president Rahul Gandhi for his statement made a few days ago that if Congress was voted to power, it will abolish GST and sought to know if the Congress has any “blueprint” of any alternate tax structure.

CAIT secretary general Praveen Khandelwal demanded Rahul Gandhi to speak out his concrete plans and programs for traders, thought out by the Congress party and warned against any attempt to take a political mileage in the name of traders.

Khandelwal accused the Congress of ignoring traders’ problems during its rule at the Centre.

“The Congress has ruled the country for the longest time since independence but in such a long tenure the trading community was never a priority. How many times the Congress government at the Centre met traders’ delegations and tried to understand it.problems. How many times the chief ministers of Congress-ruled states tried to know the woes of traders,” Khandelwal asked, addressing media in New Delhi.

He said that traders across the country have united for the forthcoming elections.

“Seven-crore traders across the country have now converted into a vote bank under a two-month national campaign of the CAIT under the slogan ‘One Nation-One Trader-Ten Votes’.

“CAIT will shortly release a national charter of traders carrying core issues of the trading community and whichever political party gives a logical roadmap of solutions, the traders will vote for that party as one unit across the country,” he said.

More than 500 trade conferences were held across the country by local trade bodies in different states in the past two months which make the traders realise and join hands together to form a ‘vote bank’ that will vote en-block in the forthcoming elections

Source : Economic times


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