Complain to grievance redressal officers about vehicle detention under e-way bill : 19-07-2018

The government today asked businesses to report to grievance redressal officers about complaints with regard to vehicle detention under the e-way bill system. The electronic way or e-way bill system was launched on April 1 for movement of goods between the states under the Goods and Services Tax (GST). The requirement of e-way bill for intra-state or within the state movement of goods was launched in a phased manner beginning April 15.

Country-wide, intra-state e-way bill has become mandatory from June 3. Till July 17, more than 13.50 crore e-way bills have been generated which includes 6.50 crore intra-state e-way bills. “Any difficulties or issues being faced by the trade and industry may be brought to the notice of Grievance Redressal Officers in your jurisdiction. Trade is also advised to make themselves conversant with e-way bill rules and be aware of mechanisms available for redressal of all their concerns,” the finance ministry said in a statement.

As per the norms, transporter of goods worth over Rs 50,000 has to generate an e-way bill and show it to GST inspector, if asked. Grievance redressal officers have been appointed by both the central and state governments under the provisions of e-way bill rules for processing the complaints/information uploaded by taxpayers/ transporters regarding detention of their vehicle, the ministry said.

Source : PTI

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