‘Atmanirbhar Niveshak Mitra’ portal to go live by May 15 : 15-03-2021

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry on Friday announced setting up a dedicated portal to digitally facilitate investors. This portal will come live by May 15 and will be named “Atmanirbhar Niveshak Mitra”. It aims to be used for handholding, information dissemination and facilitation of domestic investors.

“The Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT), the Ministry of Commerce and Industry is in the process of finalising a dedicated digital portal,” a statement issued by the government said. The website will be available in regional languages and a mobile app will be released in due course.

Portal details

The portal will have a dedicated digital investment promotion and facilitation team at ‘Invest India’, and will facilitate domestic investors to directly connect or request meetings with the ‘Invest India’ experts and discuss their specific investment/business related matters.

It will digitally support investors and help them get all the information, starting from finding an investment opportunity to exploring incentives & taxes applicable to their businesses, information and assistance for doing business in India, information on raw material availability, training, management requirement and tender information.

“This is one of the most significant digital initiative being undertaken to target the specific investor interests and ensure swift clearances and approvals throughout their business journey,” the statement said.

Daily updates

The portal will have daily updates on policies and new initiatives by the Central and State government. There will be an AI (Artificial Intelligence) based chat bot for resolving queries. It will be an ‘all-in-one’ zone to access all MSME portals like Champions Portal, MSME Samadhaan, MSME Sampark, etc.

Investors can explore incentives and schemes across different sectors and States and do comparisons. There will be information on manufacturing clusters and land availability too.

‘Invest India’

This project is under the ‘Invest India’ agency which was set up in 2009 as a non-profit venture under the DPIIT. As on March 4, ‘Invest India’ have facilitated over 2.34 lakh business requests from domestic companies.

Currently, several domestic companies have a dedicated relationship managers (RM) and are under active facilitation with indicative investments of ₹31,725 crore and actual investments of ₹9,375 crore, generating a potential indicative employment of 77,213.

As far as global investors support is concerned, ‘Invest India’ have facilitated 29,812 global business requests from 162 countries. The team has been working with 1,384 companies, out of which dedicated RMhave been assigned to 601 facilitation cases. Total indicated investments from global companies is $153.7 billion out of which $28.75 billion are actual investments. The companies have indicated around 30 lakh employment and have given actual employment to over 3.38 lakh.

Source : PTI

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