Payroll Statutory Compliance Services

Outsource Payroll and Statutory Compliance Services from S3 Solutions

With years of experience in payroll and statutory compliance services, S3 Solutions lets you focus on core business competencies while they take up the responsibility of managing payroll and statutory compliance services for your organization. S3 Solutions has a team of experts deft in every single task when it comes to adhering to compliance services and managing the payroll of the organization. Aiding businesses in offering new strategic insights, S3 Solutions lets you focus in business while they take up the responsibility of payroll and compliance services.

Benefits of Outsourcing Payroll and Statutory Compliance Services

In this competitive world, it is very difficult to manage end-to-end payroll processes along with the staying compliant to ever changing laws and regulations. Managing all these processes is quite tedious and requires expert skills. There comes the need for having in-house teams to take care of all these responsibilities, which is not a cost effective solution for all businesses. Not every organization has the time and money to invest in ensuring compliance or managing payroll services without any hassle. Outsourcing all these tasks from reputed organizations can always be of help in this domain.

Some of the benefits of outsourcing these services are as follows:

  • Streamlining business payroll and statutory compliance processes
  • Adherence to statutory and compliance requirements
  • Complete assistance of the entire lifecycle of an employee
  • Low risk of legal penalties and loss
  • Error free reports and documentation
  • Less investment in IT infrastructure
  • Cost effective solution
  • Speedy resolution of employee issues
  • Fast turnaround of the organization
  • Aids to focus more on core business activities

Why to Choose S3 Solutions for Your Payroll and Statutory Compliance Services?

If you are looking for reliable payroll and statutory compliance services, S3 Solutions ensures error free quality services in this domain. From staying compliant to statutory norms, managing end-to-end payroll procedure to liasoning with authorities, S3 Solutions ensures that the organization goes through an efficient payroll process and maintains compliance to every statutory norm. We understand the fact that effective payroll services can serve as catalyst for your organization. Also maintaining adherence to laws can save a business from any kind of legal penalties. The extensive range of services offered by S3 Solutions lets a business enjoy timely and accurate payroll process along with staying complaint to all aspects of statues and labor laws. Irrespective of the size and the domain of the business, our business specific solutions can address all payroll management and statutory compliance issues seamlessly. As an attractive alternative to in-house processing, we provide simpler solutions of paying employees, calculating taxes, managing PF and other responsibilities. Some of the tasks performed by the organization are-

Highlights of Payroll and Statutory Compliance Services By S3 Solutions:

  • Tracking of the contribution of the individual employees, income tax planning, PF contributions and more
  • Complete statutory compliance related to payroll which includes Income tax filings including e-TDS returns and more
  • Issuance of Form 16s, filing of periodical forms with the Government, etc. in an absolutely seamless manner
  • Complete access of payroll details to individual employees
  • Seamless incorporation of the accounting entries related to payroll into a high-end software
  • Generation of MIS reports related to payroll, employees, etc. aiding to control manpower costs
  • Web based password protected access to each of the employees
  • Seamless integration of the payroll related data with the accounting system


The advantages of outsourcing payroll and compliance service from S3 Solutions are as follows-

  • Strict adherence to Timelines
  • Sound with all local state authorities
  • Adherence to labor law related statutes
  • Centralized Maintenance of Accurate Records
  • Ethical Practices
  • Sound Corporate Governance
  • Reduced litigation and associated incidental costs

At S3 Solutions, we ensure highest levels of security for the data maintained in any format. The automated systems responsible for carrying out the processes are regularly monitored and texted extensively to meet the business specific requirements. The team of deft professionals follows a systematic approach in order to ensure highest standards of payroll process and statutory compliance. Vast domain rich experience, qualified team of experts combined with advanced technology has always led us towards success. Our happy clientele speaks volumes about the high quality of services we provide in this domain.
Contact us if you are seeking high quality services when it comes to managing payroll process of a business and also follow strict