Service  Tax & Income Tax Consultants Bangalore, Accounting Services, Audit Firm in India.

Service Tax & Income Tax Consultants Bangalore, Accounting Services, Audit Firm in India.

Service Tax & Income Tax Consultants Bangalore, Accounting Services, Audit Firm in India.

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Quick Books Based Accounting Services Bangalore

Cloud Based Quick Accounting Services Bangalore

Cloud based accounting and E commerce software for small Business

Cloud based tools and applications are worth considering for Small business owners because they need not invest a huge of capital on purchasing and setting up the infrastructure, instead they can use the applications already hosted and managed on a Cloud platform and pay the Cloud Vendor. The applications are stored and accessed online through any device by connecting to the internet, and through a web browser.

There are a few Accounting and Ecommerce software on cloud which could make it easy for Business owners to access their applications hassle free and without spending a big amount.


It is a cloud based accounting software for small business used to do online payments, accounting reports and taxes. The best part of the application is it customizes invoices, used to send late payment reminders, manages profit and loss reports for multiple projects and does automatic expense tracking. It if free for the first month, and then $19.95 per month is charged.


It is yet another cloud based accounting software which is very popular and used for all kinds of financial business related processes like sending invoices, sales tracking, inventory management, preparation of financial reports and employee payroll and time tracking Online screens are user friendly and are similar to paper based forms which the users can relate to, and hence using this application becomes very easy. .


It is another cloud based accounting software service which can be accessed by any web browser, and from an ipad too. It helps small business in doing professional invoices, bank reconciliation, financial statements, tax reporting and simple dashboards. Free version is available where users can do only 20 transactions a month, and a paid version is priced 16$ a month.

Symphony Commerce:

Symphony Commerce is a cloud based Ecommerce managing application or software which is called a ‘commerce-as-a-service’ provider and is used to manage your Ecommerce store without your company having to invest on an IT team. The software handles all the IT and back office infrastructure aspect of an Ecommerce business infrastructure. Everything from Servers to Warehouses, marketing, order fulfilment, payments and other services are taken care of the application. The application also offers a very good and user friendly web- design so that it looks good on tablets as well as desktops. As, your business grows, the application is scalable and gives 99.9% uptime.


It is and Ecommerce Cloud software used by both retailers and others who are interested in selling their products online. It is used by small service-based business owners and Ocoos provides an excellent Ecommerce platform.  The Do-it-yourself website builder provides you all the needed help to make you build your website online. It provides great back office tools to manage sales and customers which includes integration with CRM, scheduling of appointments, tracking of sales and report generation. They come up with two types of plans, $25 and $35 monthly plans.