Service  Tax & Income Tax Consultants Bangalore, Accounting Services, Audit Firm in India.

Service Tax & Income Tax Consultants Bangalore, Accounting Services, Audit Firm in India.

Service Tax & Income Tax Consultants Bangalore, Accounting Services, Audit Firm in India.

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Can S3 Handle The Client;’S Sudden Additional Outsourcing Requirements?

S3 has deployed a team of professionals, who can be deployed at very short notice, on assignments which need immediate attention or efforts. Hence, S3 is better placed to handle the unplanned requirements of its clients.

We Have Our Own Accounting Department. What Value Added Services Can S3 Provide?

More often that not, we have found that the accounting professionals employed by the corporates are not equipped to handle value added assignments like management accounting, MIS reporting, budgeting, cost control, tax planning and management, treasury management, etc. Most accounting personnel end up as good book keepers, completely ignoring the value add requirements from the Finance function. Most corporates have not introduced performance monitoring systems including management reporting systems.
Today, it is globally recognized that the Finance function can significantly contribute to the bottom lines of corporates. In fact, Chief Financial Officers (‘CFO’s) are increasingly looked upon, these days, are Chief Profit Officers (‘CPO’s) aiding the CEOs, in improving the profitability of corporates. We can bridge this gap, vis-à-vis the functions performed by the accounting personnel, by handling the value add assignments, which would ultimately determine the overall survival and growth of corporates.
We are not a replacement for the book keeping function, though, as part of our overall delivery matrix; we can also handle the maintenance of books of accounts. We can work in close coordination with the existing accounting infrastructure of corporates.

Can You Mention Some Of The Value Added Assignments That You Have Handled For Your It Clients Who Have Their Own Accounting Department….?

Finding alternate methods to implement ESOP schemes, so as to have the minimum impact in terms of taxes in the hands of the Company as well as the employees.
Taxation planning for our client company’s senior executives, in terms of legally allowed tax saving plans
Income planning for our client company’s large shareholders thro shares with differential voting rights to select groups of shareholders.
Drawing up of business plans for raising private equity.
Evolving the most appropriate transfer pricing mechanism.
Overall supervision and control of accounting and allied areas so as to ensure that the audited annual financial statements are drawn up by the third week of April.
Helping the Top Management to understand the financial implications of their decisions.
Specific planning in respect of VAT and Service Tax applicability, especially in view of the latest developments, viz. applicability of service tax on rentals for office premises, etc.
Implementation of an effective budgeting and MIS system, which can be of great help to corporate

We Already Have Senior Finance Staff (Cfo / Finance Manager). Do We Still Require S3?

CFOs / Senior Finance Managers normally have their hands full, in terms of managing the critical aspects connected to their employers. Invariably, they just don’t have the time to get into the accounting and tax related functions. S3 can chip in with its wide experience, by providing CFO Support Services, which includes a host of services. You may kindly refer to our website for further details.

How Does A Client Deal With S3?

Every client is assigned exclusive personnel from S3, who work in close co-ordination with their Team Leaders and Managers. The deployment and progress is constantly reviewed and the manpower deployment is suitably adjusted, to meet the client’s requirements.